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The Sani-Seat solution is a universal revolution!

Sani-Seat is a complete and easy replacement for any existing standard toilet seat. This makes installation quick and painless for business owners!

Each Sani-Seat is composed of a covered area (A), which houses the driving mechanism and rolls of sanitary hygienic film, and a seat which is enclosed in the sleeve-like sanitary wrap. As the fresh sanitary wrap is used, it travels around the seat and is deposited into the opposite side of the covered area. The used wrap is automatically destroyed as it is collected underneath the covered area, so there is no chance of reusing the soiled wrap.

Sani-Seat creates a memorable, favorable impression for your customers. It is ideal for business such as:

- Hotels and Restaurants
- Medical Offices
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Nursing Homes

- Retail Stores
- Hospitals
- Country Clubs
- Schools
- City and State Facilities

People know there is an alternative and are demanding the Sani-Seat!
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